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Nonfiction online book reviews for book seekers

So you are here, looking for more information about this blog? Are you book seekers, writer, reviewer or publisher? asitreallyhappened# is a blog aims to post online nonfiction book reviews on newest titles. You will find online reviews about books from 2015 on in different field: psychology, marketing, economics, politics, so on and so forth. Also, you will find details (cost, publisher, ISBN, etc.) to make easer your research online or in the nearest book shop.

What are you not going to find in this blog? Unfortunately, asitreallyhappened# is a blog where readers will not find online reviews about religious, sport, cook books, or fictional books. The reason is quite simple: I do not have yet the right expertise in those fields, but in the future, there will be a special category. So wait for it and in the meanwhile, do not lose the trace of nonfictional online book reviews.

If you are a reviewer, writer or/and publisher, or simply you need more information, please feel free to contact me at admin@asitreallyhappened.co.uk and soon I will email you back.

Summarizing, I hope you enjoy the reviews because I love showing the ‘things’ asitreallyhappened#.

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